This legacy is “complete”. Not really, though: I failed.

My new sim story is HERE.

Welcome to the Adahy legacy! In Cherokee, “Adahy” means “Lives in the Woods”. My founder, Leah, is of Cherokee heritage and used to live in Riverview, so hopefully you can see why that’s her last name…Oh, and it is pronounced Ah-dah-hee.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my legacy as much as I enjoy writing it. Don’t be afraid to comment on posts/pages/etc… I love comments!

Ye be warned…:

I do plan to have this legacy sometimes involve mature topics. That might range from sexual themes to swearing in some (or most) chapters.

In Generation 1, our story starts with Leah Adahy. Raised in her great great grandmother’s legacy, Leah was practically guaranteed to be the 5th generation heiress. But when her twin sister, Ashleigh, was dubbed heiress by her mother, because Leah “is not responsible enough to handle a legacy”, her hopes to be heiress were crushed. Motivated to prove that she can handle a legacy, Leah  packed her bags and ran away from her family in Riverview, ending up in Sunset Valley, where her legacy and her story begins…. To start from the very beginning, click here.

Leah’s LTW is to be Surrounded by Family, and her traits are Family Oriented, Good Sense of Humour, Loves the Outdoors, Lucky and Vegetarian.

In Generation 2, we meet Rose Adahy. Rose is the middle child of Leah’s second set of triplets. Like both of her sisters, Rose was born evil. And from the start, she got into fights with her sisters, and shortly after becoming a child realized her lifetime wish of becoming the emperor of evil. As a teen, Rose continued to fight with her sisters even after developing the family oriented trait. Her somewhat older and much more evil sister, Poppy, realized her LTW as an adult would be to become Leader of the Free World, not only to push Rose’s buttons, but to get her in jail. Will Rose be able to reach the top of her career without being thrown into the slammer? And will any guy fall for an evil, albeit family oriented sim like herself? Find out here.

Rose’s LTW is to be the Emperor of Evil, and her traits are Evil, Artistic, Ambitious, Family Oriented and Neat.

In Generation 3, Salem Adahy has reluctantly taken over. Salem is the “older” twin of Rose’s three children. She was born a virtuoso like her Rock Star father, Ben Blake, but when she was a child took after her mum on the evil side when she developed the kleptomaniac trait. When she was a teen, Salem not only stole things nightly, but Salem made the discovery that she was a lesbian, and she fell in love with her first love, Caroline. She would much rather live alone with Caroline and no children for the rest of her life, but with the legacy forced unwillingly upon her, Salem must find a sperm donor and produce an heiress. But will she ever be able to love a child that she didn’t have with Caroline? See what drama stirs up here.

Salem’s LTW is to become a Master Thief, and her traits are Slob, Virtuoso, Kleptomaniac, Mooch and Friendly.

Generation 4 welcomes Giselle Adahy into the line of heiresses. Born as a replacement for her older sister, Juliette, Giselle was happy to be named heiress because it meant she was the real deal now, no longer a back-up-plan. Giselle was a teenager who loved cooking, adventuring and photography when Juliette came home after being taken away by social workers as a toddler. When Juliette revealed to her mother that she didn’t like kids, in Salem’s mind, Giselle was automatically heiress. Shy and sweet, will Giselle be able to venture out into the big bad world to find love? Or will she fail under all the pressure she’s under? Follow Giselle out into the world here.

Giselle’s LTW is to become a 5 Star Chef, and her traits are Friendly, Good, Photographer’s Eye, Natural Cook and Over Emotional.

17 responses

6 01 2010
StarSarah - TheShenstonLegacy

Leah is soooo beautiful x

7 01 2010

Thanks :) I actually kind of modeled her on Eva, with her lips. Lol.

13 01 2010

She is gorgeous, and I like the backstory.

14 01 2010

The backstory is quite unique, and thanks for commenting my legacy. I’m going be following your legacy for quite a while. And Leah is gorgeous.

23 01 2010

I love your legacy! Would you mind if I added you to my blog role?

23 01 2010

Thanks! That’s fine :)

30 01 2010

woh. Your theme looks different

30 01 2010

I changed it, obviously. ;D I have to make a new banner, though.

17 02 2010

Can you check out my legacy? I added some new chapters.

22 03 2010

Your legacy is great. your plots are really good and your sims are gorgeous. Can you take a look at my legacy please?


26 03 2010

Brilliant legacy and your sims are beautiful;) I was wondering, are any of them up on the exchange? If they are then can you please post the links!

26 03 2010

I’m afraid my launcher hates me and doesn’t allow me to upload any of my sims. I can try again later, though :P

27 03 2010

can you please tell me where you got salems young adult hair

i have been looking all over and is t free

27 03 2010
9 04 2010

Hey your sims look great and i love your legacy. Can you check out my legacy at http://www.xcin100x.wordpress.com

can u add me to your link/blogroll, ill do the same for you :D

1 11 2010

l love animos

4 12 2011

Hey, I really really want to start a legacy like this, but… I don’t really know what to do. I love yours so I was wondering if you would email me because I need a few pointers.

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